FAME: An Automated Tool for Semantic Forgetting in Expressive Description Logics

FAME is a high-performance reasoning tool for semantic forgetting in expressive description logics. Forgetting is a non-standard reasoning service that seeks to create restricted views of ontologies by eliminating concept and role names from ontologies in a way such that all logical consequences up to the remaining signature are preserved. Fame is a Java-based implementation of an Ackermann-based method for forgetting concept and role names from ontologies expressible in the description logic ALCOIH. ALCOIH is the extension of the basic description logic ALC with nominals, inverse roles and role inclusions. Fame can be used as a standalone tool or a Java library for forgetting or related tasks.

Please refer to the following for details of the theory, the implementation and results of an empirical evaluations.


Download FAME_IJCAR.zip, unpack with

unzip FAME_IJCAR.zip
and refer to the readme.txt file.


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Renate A. Schmidt
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