Lifting QBF Resolution Calculi to DQBF

Beyersdorff, O., Chew, L., Schmidt, R. A. and Suda, M. (2016)

In Creignou, N. and Le Berre, D. (eds), Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT 2016). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 9710, Springer, 490-499. BiBTeX, PDF (final version available via DOI link to Springer).

We examine existing resolution systems for quantified Boolean formulas (QBF) and answer the question which of these calculi can be lifted to the more powerful Dependency QBFs (DQBF). An interesting picture emerges: While for QBF we have the strict chain of proof systems Q-Res < IR-calc < IRM-calc, the situation is quite different in DQBF. The obvious adaptations of Q-Res and likewise universal resolution are too weak: they are not complete. The obvious adaptation of IR-calc has the right strength: it is sound and complete. IRM-calc is too strong: it is not sound any more, and the same applies to long-distance resolution. Conceptually, we use the relation of DQBF to effectively propositional logic (EPR) and explain our new DQBF calculus based on IR-calc as a subsystem of first-order resolution.

Technical Report version: ECCC Report TR16-048 (Mar. 2016).

Renate A. Schmidt
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