Student Projects

PhD Projects

Students interested in doing a PhD in areas related to ontology engineering, knowledge representation and reasoning, knowledge-based AI, automated reasoning, logic, logic-based multi-agent systems and any topics close to my research interests are welcome to contact me to discuss possible projects. Currently I am particularly interested in supervising projects related to these topics:

Anybody with a keen interest in ontologies, classical logic, description or modal logic, automated reasoning, knowledge representation and reasoning and symbolic AI will enjoy these projects. The research may be focussed on theoretical work, it may be focussed on enhancing our existing technology or develop new technology, or it may be application-oriented. Most like the research will involve a combination of these.

Since every year PhD studentships are awarded on a first come first serve basis and the deadlines for the President's and Faculty awards are normally in December to February it is advisable to apply early in the academic year. For Departmental awards there are usually no deadlines, but do refer to the PhD application pages on the Department website and contact someone in the admissions team for the most up-to-date information.

MSc Projects

If you want further information on the following projects or you want to propose an own project relating to the above topics or my research interests please feel free to discuss them with me.

All projects have the potential to lead to a PhD research project.

My current MSc project proposals

  1. Enhancing the SNOMED CT subontology browser
  2. Implementing a natural deduction prover

For details please refer to the MSc Project Book.

Your own project relating to ontologies or logic

There may be aspects of ontologies or logic that you find interesting and wish to explore further, but which are not covered by any of the project proposals. You may also be interested in related topics not covered. I am happy to supervise projects other than those proposed that are related to my research interests. Please contact me in advance of the MSc project selection deadline to discuss your ideas.
Renate A. Schmidt
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