CS510: An Introduction to Programming Using C


Module description

Information about the aims and learning outcomes of the module, reading material, assessment, and the syllabus.

Locations and times

Teaching period

Venue for lectures: LF12.

Venue for lab exercises in teaching period: MSc lab (LF9).

Venues for coursework assignments: LF16, PEVE lab (next door to LF12), MSc lab (LF9).


Principally you can do your assignments on any machine in any student lab in the Department, provided this does not cause interference with officially scheduled classes. You can of course do the assignments outside the Department, as long as you ensure your programs compile and run on the Department's Linux machines. The benefit of doing the assignments in the Department is that demonstrators are available to help.

Demonstrator timetable for post-coursework


Solutions and files for coursework

The CS510 directory on the Department's Linux PCs is

Files needed for the coursework exercises

The file ex3 is an executable which will only work on a Linux PC.


For full time students the deadline for submitting the coursework is Monday, the 27th of October 2003, at 12:00.

For part-time students the deadline for submitting the coursework is Tuesday, 6th of January 2004.

Coursework submission webpage


Past exam papers

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