COMP60121: Automated Reasoning (2007-2008)


Course description

Follow this link for the course unit description, giving details about the aims and learning outcomes of the course, reading material, assessment, and the syllabus.


Locations and times

Refer to the ACS Timetable for dates.

Slides & Handouts

Optional material

Other resources


Familiarity with propositional logic (also known as classical logic or Boolean logic).

To refresh your knowledge on propositional logic (and also first-order logic) we recommend

Reading material

The course does not follow a specific book: copies of the slides are made available.

Recommended reading material is listed in the course unit description in the ACS Syllabus. Further references may be given during lectures.

There is no need to buy a book. All books are available in the Resources Centre Library or the main library.


60% coursework, 40% exam

Renate A. Schmidt
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