Pictures of Whales and Seals

Taken Around Spitsbergen (2007)

We did get some nice views of whales and seals, but the whales were mostly at a fair distance, hence the poor quality of some of these pictures. The walrus in particular where a lot more accommodating. By clicking on a picture you can look at a larger version.

A humpback whale (Buckelwal) breaching near Poolepynten. It did this multiple times, but didn't come any closer. We were on land at the time.

humpback whale humpback whale

On the left, a beluga (Weisswal) - taken from the same location, but of an even smaller subject (and there's no larger version of this one available, sorry); on the right, a minke whale (Zwergwal) that appeared in front of the ship and then dived.

beluga minke whale

First picture left, a bearded seal (Bartrobbe) on an ice floe in Hinlopenstratet, the others, walrus (Walross) taken at Poolepynten.

bearded seal walrus
in the water
hauled out walrus
hauled out

15 July 2007