Pictures of Some Landscapes

Taken Around Spitsbergen (2007)

We travelled in the last week of June, and this year that meant that there was still a lot of snow on the ground. That makes for some very nice photos, and the numerous glaciers certainly help. By clicking on a picture you can look at a larger version.

the Hinlopenstretet

Again, wonderful light in the Hinlopenstretet.

I love the the way the white and the light blue interact here, and the different lines.

blue-white landscape blue-white lanscape

Indidual low hanging clouds can make a picture more interesting.

landscape with cloud landscape with cloud

Sometimes the sun is out in full force....

sunny glacier sunny landscape

... and sometimes the colours are more muted.

blue landscape muted landscape

Sometimes there are colours other than blue, white and black.

red ridge detail
of glacier

And sometimes the sun highlights a spot.

sunny spot a ridge

15 July 2007