Icy Pictures

Taken Around Spitsbergen (2007)

I never get tired of taking pictures of ice. Maybe these pictures give some idea why. By clicking on a picture you can look at a larger version.

In the pack ice, somewhere north of 80 degrees. It was foggy enough that I could take a picture of the reflection sun in the middle of the day!

ice floes reflected

Also taken in the pack ice - and without the sun behind the clouds we wouldn't have had these wonderful colours.

colourful ice colourful ice

Wonderful light in the Hinlopenstretet.

icy landscape icy landscape

Still in the Hinlopenstretet, but with sunshine.

floating  ice

Details of Kongsvegen glacier

glacier face glacier detail

Glacier in Hamiltonbukta in Raudfjord. Calving, and evidence that pieces have fallen off.

glacier calving arc in

In the fog in Liefedfjord.

foggy iceberg more
floating ice
floating ice

15 July 2007