Viachaslau Sazonau

(Slava Sazonov)

Contact me

tel: 00 44 (0) 161 275 6136

Room 2.114,
Kilburn Building,
School of Computer Science,
The University of Manchester,
Oxford Road, Manchester,
M13 9PL, UK

About me

I am a PhD student (sometimes called a PhD candidate) in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, where I am supervised by Uli Sattler and Gavin Brown . I am a member of the Information Management Group (IMG) and the Machine Learning & Optimisation Group (MLO).

Prior to my PhD endeavors, I obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science (2013) at the same place. My Master's thesis "Performance Prediction of OWL Reasoners" was supervised by Uli Sattler. It was aimed at investigating computational performance of reasoners, analysing ontology features, and developing performance prediction techniques.


My research interests are in knowledge representation, logic, deductive and inductive reasoning, machine learning, data mining.

I have investigated computational performance of Description Logic reasoners which are highly optimized implementations of algorithms for deductive reasoning over ontologies. Due to complexity of the input, their performance varies significantly across ontologies. I have attempted to develop algorithms that predict reasoning performance by inspecting the input ontology.

I have done research in expressive probabilistic logics, in particular, extensions of the semantics to capture probabilistic knowledge, reasoning problems and their complexity.

I am currently investigating the problem of mining ontological knowledge from structured
data. Ontological knowledge consists of expressive axioms, e.g. “being a man and having some children implies being a father”. Structured data is a labelled graph, e.g. people connected by family relationships. I hope to apply this technology to biomedical knowledge discovery.

You are welcome to try the tool, called DL-Miner, which is available as a web service: As a simple input file, you can use kinship.



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