This is my old home page. I finished my PhD in 2011 and am now at Google, New York. My new home page will appear soon.

Text Mining Group
School of Computer Science
The University of Manchester

My supervisor is Goran Nenadic and I am a member of his TEAM.
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Detecting and analysing contrasts and contradictions are promising aspects in science, as they suggest further research potentials and discoveries. Finding contrasts and contradictions in text by means of automatic methods is a relatively new area in text mining. Specifically, most biological text mining research has so far focused on mining affirmative statements about the relations amongst entities, although it is of growing interest to find reports on weak or negative relations, or lack thereof. Negation detection is a middle step to finding contrasts and contradictions, and has been of special interest in medical text mining, due to the abundance of negative patterns in medical descriptions.
The aim of this research is to develop text mining methods to detect and analyse contrasting facts in the biomedical literature and, specifically, the protein-protein interactions between the HIV-1 virus and the human host.


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