Rizos Sakellariou, PhD
    School of Computer Science
    University of Manchester
    Oxford Road
    Manchester M13 9PL

      Phone: +44-161-2756257
      Fax: +44-161-2756204

I am a Reader1 (this is Professor in U.S.A. or Professor without chair in other countries) in the School of Computer Science of the University of Manchester, where I teach and lead a Research Laboratory with research interests in the wide area of High Performance, Parallel and Distributed Computing.
[1Since the title of Reader may not mean much to anyone not familiar with UK academia check this)]

I have carried out research, focusing primarily on issues related to parallelism and concurrency and resource sharing, on a wide variety of topics (e.g., parallelizing compilers, performance modeling and prediction, multithreading, load balancing, workload and task scheduling, distributed query processing, grid information systems, service level agreements, adaptive and autonomic computing, cloud computing) and with a large number of collaborators (see the full list of publications from the top left).

Currently, I am particularly interested in problems related to resource management and scheduling on any High-Performance and/or Parallel Computing environment (from multi-/many-core to clouds), especially in relation to multiple constraints. I am also interested in all sorts of problems related to scientific workflows and cloud computing but am happy to discuss any PhD proposal that relates to the management of large-scale computations or data.

In the by now distant past, I was, as a postdoc, a member of the dHPF Compiler Group in the Department of Computer Science, Rice University, where I was involved with the DARPA-funded project POEMS. I was also a Visiting Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, whereas I have also had a brief spell of experience with the software industry, looong time ago: COBOL, Pascal and the like :-)

A number of PhD studentships for UK/EU students (covering fees and monthly salary) are currently available from the School for a September 2018 start
I am keen to supervise projects in a number of areas related to: high-performance (including parallel, distributed, multicore, cloud, heterogeneous) computing, energy efficient computing, scientific workflows, managing large-scale computations/data, social network research.
Feel free to suggest a research topic along these lines!

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