Resource Oriented Computing: A general abstraction for thermodynamically efficient computation.

In this talk we will introduce Resource Oriented Computing (ROC). We will show how ROC generalises from the special case of REST, a resource oriented architecture, to a general model of computation in which identity, state and contextual spacial scope are the first order considerations. We will demonstrate how ROC supports systemic memoisation and show how thermodynamic minima in the energy and entropy surface of a computational system may be discovered and tracked. We will discuss how the ROC model demonstrates scale invariant scaling and may be uniformly applied to local and distributed systems. We will close by sharing some thoughts on relevant subject areas for the CS educational curriculum derived from practical experience with recent graduates.

Peter Rodgers is the architect of NetKernel and the originator of Resource Oriented Computing. Peter started his research into ROC at Hewlett Packard Labs in the late 90s. He founded 1060 Research in 2002. Peter's background is in Physics with a PhD in Solid State Quantum Mechanics.