Pete Jinks's list of 3rd year Student Projects

Project information for 3rd year students including full list of projects.

The grading (C/UF/F/LF/S) only indicates the potential difficulty of the project - in practice, the difficulty can usually be adjusted as the project progresses. However, make sure to discuss the grading with me, so that you don't end up doing a project that is too simple to show how good you really are.

Automated Timetabling: The State of the Art,
E.K. Burke, K.S. Jackson, J.H. Kingston and R.F. Weare.
The Computer Journal, Vol. 40, No. 9, pp 565-571, 1997. (pdf)


CCC#Java Artificial Life
FFF#Java An MU0 Simulator in Java
Language Processing
LFLFLF#Java lex and yacc substitutes for Java
UFUFUF#Java JavaCC grammar transformation
CCC#Java Translating between computer languages using Java
LFFF#Java Implementing a simple text-processing language, TRAC
LFFF#Java Design and Implementation of a Forth-like language
Information Systems
FFF#Java Web-based room bookings
LFFLF#Java Assessing Student Assessment
Human Computer Interface
FFF#Java Automatic timetabling using GATT
General Applications
FFF#Java Creating the departmental timetable
Graphical Systems and Applications
FFF#Java Visual Programming using State Machines

Other ideas

Old projects that might be reusable

1999/2000 Java to UML diagrams
1997/8 Othello
1996/7 A Multi-Cultural Calendar
1996/7 Using Java to improve some of my existing WWW pages
Grammars and Languages
1998/9 A debugger for lex and yacc - web page
1997/8 Enhancing the "Cocktail" Compiler-Compiler Toolkit
1997/8 CS2112 web pages [CS2112]
1996/7 Processing Grammars
Information Systems
1997/8 Exam Mark Input and Tabulation
1997/8 A Student Database - form+cgi e.g.
1996/7 A PC Timetabling Assistant
1996/7 A Sun Timetabling Assistant