11: Acknowledgements

Yacc owes much to a most stimulating collection of users, who have goaded me beyond my inclination, and frequently beyond my ability, in their endless search for ``one more feature''. Their irritating unwillingness to learn how to do things my way has usually led to my doing things their way; most of the time, they have been right. B. W. Kernighan, P. J. Plauger, S. I. Feldman, C. Imagna, M. E. Lesk, and A. Snyder will recognize some of their ideas in the current version of Yacc. C. B. Haley contributed to the error recovery algorithm. D. M. Ritchie, B. W. Kernighan, and M. O. Harris helped translate this document into English. Al Aho also deserves special credit for bringing the mountain to Mohammed, and other favors.

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