CS2111 Lab Exercises 1999/2000



Each exercise is marked out of 10 except for the 5th exercise, which has 3 parts each marked out of 10 (plus two intermediate deliverables each marked out of 2). For each exercise or part, a maximum of 7 of the 10 marks will be awarded for a perfect solution to the basic problem as stated. The remaining 3 marks will only be awarded as bonuses for exceptional work, which must:
* be submitted by the unextended deadline (except that bonus work can be submitted for exercise 4 in week 6, and for exercise 5 in week 10)
* represent a substantial amount of extra effort
* be beyond the original exercise specification (except that some exercises include bonus suggestions)
* be marked by Pete Jinks personally.

Marks obtained in this way will not match the extra effort needed on your part to obtain them. You should only attempt bonus work if you are up-to-date in all your courses.

Hints about debugging flex, byacc and make will be distributed in the lectures and available via the web pages.

week	date    	exercise/deadline                              	marks	bonuses
1	23+27/sept	    (no lab)
2	30/sept+4/oct 	1 regular expressions                          	7	3
3	7+11/oct 	2 lex                                          	7	3
4	14+18/oct	3 yacc                                         	7	3
5	21+25/oct	4 lex+yacc                                     	7	3
6	28/oct+1/nov	+
-	4/nov   	    (mid-term break)
7	8+11/nov	5.1 recognising a simple computer language	2	-
8	15+18/nov	5.2 obeying the language                	2	-
9	22+25/nov	5.3 improving the language              	21	9
10	29/nov+2/dec 	+
11	6+9/dec 	6 code generation                       	7	3
12	13+16/dec	    (marking only)
		                                           total	60	24

+ Weeks 6 & 10: Although there are officially no labs, there will be some assistance available, but only until there are no more requests for help. Attendance will not be taken, and only bonus work will be marked (for exercise 4 in week 6, and for exercise 5 in week 10). An extension given in week 5 will be for week 7 (which for some students is actually 3 calendar weeks later, because of the mid-term break), and an extension given in week 9 will be for week 11.