Pete Jinks

I have retired (end of June 2012) from being a lecturer in the School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences in the University of Manchester.

I intend to spend some of my retirement on projects like:

[A bit about my past]

Any resemblance to the guy with the beard is entirely coincidental (Dilbert 24/June/1995)
Information about: Computer Languages, Parsing, Grammars, and Compilers

Research Interests

Design & implementation of computer languages: Computer Architecture:

What I used to Teach

Old course-units etc:

The Administration I used to do

Teaching Strategy/Quality
I was School Learning Enhancement Officer (LEO).
I was on the school's Teaching Assessment Panel.
(Teaching innovation within the School)

I was School Undergraduate Examinations Officer, but Jennie (Exams Administrator) and Mike (Exams Assistant) do most of the work.
I was one of the school's Internal Examiners, on the Undergraduate Board of Examiners and the Undergraduate, Undergraduate Special Circumstances and Staff-Student Consultative Committees.
(Analysis of exam results)

Plagiarism (Undergraduate)
I have responsibilities relating to educating undergraduates about academic malpractice and plagiarism, detecting plagiarism, and processing disciplinary cases, but many other staff in the school are involved.
for students (-> "Academic Malpractice" and "Plagiarism") has links to "Regulation XVII Conduct and Discipline of Students", "Academic Malpractice: Guidance on the Handling of Cases", and "Avoiding Plagiarism"
for staff has links to the use of Turnitin, and to Guidance for students and for teaching staff on plagiarism and other forms of academic malpractice.

PASS: Peer Assisted Study Sessions (EPS)
I was the academic coordinator but most of the work is done by 2 student coordinators, 2 administrative coordinators (Kath and Gavin), and 50 to 60 student leaders.

I used to create the School Undergraduate Timetable. I have handed this job over to the timetabling team.)
(All staff are on the school board and receive the CS Newsletters and UoM eUpdate.
I also see The Monday Mail )

Contacting me

(I am not the author of Hallam Foe or Intuition, in case that is who you are looking for.)
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