Nuno Miguel Nobre
Nuno's portrait

I am currently a postgraduate research student in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, UK, where I am studying for a Ph.D. under the supervision of Mr Graham Riley and Dr Antoniu Pop, both lecturers affiliated with the School's Advanced Processor Technologies Research Group. My research is focused on computer architecture design, parallel algorithms and scheduling on heterogeneous multi-core architectures.

I also hold a master's degree in Physics Engineering, awarded in 2016 by the University of Coimbra, Portugal. This included a one-year research period in the context of metabolic imaging techniques, doing ab initio simulations within a Density-Functional Theory framework of the fluorescence properties of coenzymes NADH and FAD.

In my spare time I enjoy doing sports like swimming, running or playing tennis. I also like to watch professional athletes doing them from the comfort of my couch, although that is arguably not as healthy... I am a big fan of both Marvel's superheroes (shhh... Captain America rules!) and the Harry Potter universe so I watch these movies quite often (too often :P). Sporadically, I may or may not listen to crappy music in a not-so-low-volume for which my closest friends and my wonderful girlfriend make me watch the best movie ever made, The Room, every other weekend.