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Cost-sensitive boosting algorithms: Do we really need them?
Nikolaos Nikolaou, Narayanan U. Edakunni, Meelis Kull, Peter A. Flach, Gavin Brown
Machine Learning, 104(2), pages 359-384, 2016
Special issue acceptance rate 10/58 (17%)
Presented in ECML/PKDD 2016.
Selected for a plenary presentation as one of 12/129 eligible papers (top 9.3%).
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Nikos Nikolaou


Conference & Workshop Papers (Peer Reviewed)


Gradient boosting models for photovoltaic power estimation under partial shading conditions
Nikolaos Nikolaou, Efstratios Batzelis, Gavin Brown
To be presented in the 5th International Workshop on Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration, held at ECML 2017.
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Calibrating AdaBoost for asymmetric learning
Nikolaos Nikolaou, Gavin Brown
Multiple Classifier Systems, pages 112-124, 2015
Presented in Intern. Workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems - MCS 2015.
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Information theoretic feature selection in multi-label data through composite likelihood
Konstantinos Sechidis, Nikolaos Nikolaou, Gavin Brown
Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition, pages 143-152, 2014
Presented in Intern. Workshop on Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition - SSPR 2014.
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Cost-sensitive Boosting: A Unified Approach
Nikolaos Nikolaou
Ph.D. Thesis, Supervisor: Gavin Brown
School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, 2016
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Fast Optimization of Non-convex Machine Learning Objectives
Nikolaos Nikolaou
M.Sc. Dissertation, Supervisor: Iain Murray
School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, 2012
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Music Emotion Classification
Nikolaos Nikolaou
Undergraduate Thesis, Supervisor: Alexandros Potamianos
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete, 2011
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