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Dr. Alexandra Nenadic

Contact Details

Office 1.17 Kilburn Building
School of Computer Science
University of Manchester
Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

Voice: +44 (0) 161 275 0672
Fax: +44 (0) 161 275 6204
Email: anenadic-AT-cs.man.ac.uk (cut and paste, then replace -AT- with @)

Short Biography

I have been working as a research associate and software engineer in the School of Computer Science since January 2002. Currently, I am part of the Information Management Group and work for the myGrid team. I am working on various projects that involve Taverna - a workflow management system developed by myGrid.

Before moving to academia, I used to work as a software developer in industry for a year and a half.

I hold a PhD in Internet/e-commerce security from School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK (2005, thesis title "A Security Solution for Fairness and Non-repudiation"). I also have a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Serbia (1999).

My research area broadly involves:

Currently, I mainly program in Java and use client- and server-side Web technologies. I am also responsible for maintaining and administering Taverna's Web site.


SCAPE (Mar 2011 - present)
SCAPE (SCAlable Preservation Environments) is an EU-funded FP7 project aimed at building a scalable platform for planning and execution of computation intensive processes for ingestion or migration of large data sets in order to help automate digital preservation. I am working on realising preservation processes as data pipelines and describing them formally as automated, quality-assured preservation Taverna workflows. The workflows will invoke various services for planning and execution of institutional preservation and quality assurance strategies. The workflows will be deployed on a large scale (using Hadoop MapReduce clouds) and executed over large, distributed and heterogeneous collections of complex digital objects.

Taverna (Mar 2008 - present)
I am working on enabling secure execution of workflows from Taverna Workflow Management System and accessing various remote grid and Web services that require user authentication; secure auditing of workflow execution to aid provenance capture and tracking.

NeISS (Apr 2009 - present)
NeISS project aims to provide a platform/portal to meet the demand for powerful social simulation tools by social scientists, public and private sector policymakers. Social simulation is an expanding field due to its forecasting applications for scenarios in transport, housing, education, healthcare etc.

caGrid-Taverna (Mar 2008 - Mar 2009)
caGrid is the underlying network and security platform for caBIG - the US National Cancer Institute's integrated biomedical informatics infrastructure built to expedite the US cancer research community's access to key bioinformatics platforms and hosting a wide range of diverse data types and analytical tools. I worked on integration of Taverna with caGrid, so that data and analytical services found on caGrid can be invoked from Taverna workflows.

ES-LoA (Nov 2006 - Mar 2008)
ES-LoA project was working on investigating the future requirements for a Federated Identity and Access Management system for UK HE that supports authentication methods with various strengths that are linked to the value of accessed remote resources the more sensitive the resource the greater confidence in authentication is required (e.g. smart cards for highly valuable resources vs. username and password less valuable ones). I have been researching the existing definitions and applications of authentication Levels of Assurance (LoA), establishing consensus across different communities (identity providers, service providers, and grid community) about LoA, evaluating the benefits, making recommendations and consulting institutions on adopting the new technology.

FAME-PERMIS (Jan 2005 - Nov 2006)
FAME-PERMIS developed a single sign-on solution for multi-level and devolved authentication for Shibboleth-enabled Federated Identity and Access Management. Specifically, I developed the FAME component (an Apache-Perl module) that enables users to be authenticated by their home institutions using a variety of pluggable authentication methods with different strengths (smart cards, soft certificate tokens, passwords, Kerberos, LDAP, etc.) and access external resources provided by other federation members controlled by PERMIS and linked to the strength of the authentication process.

SHEBANGS project (Jan 2005 - Nov 2006)
SHEBANGS project was carried out by the Research Computing Services, Manchester. I collaborated with this project by providing the FAME-enabled Shibboleth identity provider services to bridge access to the National Grid Service for users not possessing grid credentials.

FIDES project (Jan 2002 - Jan 2005)
FIDES was a MI/DTI-funded project carried out in collaboration with PrismTech Ltd. from Newcastle. Developed security protocols and an e-commerce tool for fair exchange of important electronic documents, such as digitally signed contracts, e-payments and e-mails, and non-repudiation of sending and receiving such documents.


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Alex Nenadic

Photograph of Alex Nenadic

Alex is a research associate in the Information Management Group (IMG) at the School of Computer Science. Alex currently works on the myGrid project.