Jun Liu
Dr. Jun Liu
PhD in Computer Science

Office 2.90, Kilburn Building
University of Manchester, Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PL, UK

As of November 2007, I passed my PhD thesis viva and will join The Foundry, working on visual effects and image processing technologies for film post-production. From April to October 2008, I will also work in the Sigmedia group, Trinity College Dublin as a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow. This web page will therefore be outdated while I'm having fun there. Please contact me at .

Short Bio

Jun Liu joined the Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester as a PhD student in September, 2004. He is a member of the Advanced Interfaces Group working with Professor Roger Hubbold. His main research interest is in general areas of computer vision and graphics and more specifically in "automatic 3D model generation from multiple 2D images". His research is funded by the departmental scholarship.

Before coming to Manchester, Jun Liu studied at Zhejiang University, PR China where he was awarded his Bachelor's Degree (with Honours) in Computer Science in June, 2004. From May 2003 to June 2004, he worked as an undergraduate research assistant at Centre for Engineering and Scientific Computation with Professor Yao Zheng, mainly on tiled stereo display system.


A Perceptually Validated Model for Surface Depth Hallucination
M. Glencross, G. Ward, C. Jay, J. Liu, F. Melendez and R. Hubbold
Mesh Optimisation Using Edge Information In Feature-Based Surface Reconstruction
Jun Liu and Roger Hubbold
International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC'06)
  • A new method to refine and optimise surface meshes using edge information in 2D images
  • A meshing -- edge point detection -- remeshing scheme that can gradually refine the surface mesh until it best fits the true physical surface of the object being modelled.
Automatic Camera Calibration and Scene Reconstruction with Scale-invariant Features
Jun Liu and Roger Hubbold
International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC'06)
  • Effcient high-dimensional nearest neighbour search
  • Framework for structure from motion using SIFT
  • Solved "phantom point" problem and greatly reduced the possibility of error propagation


I am a member of IEEE Computer Society.

I am a committee member of SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter in Manchester.

I was a paper referee for the following conferences: I was a paper referee for the following journals: I attended various computer science conferences: I am a member of the PhD Mentors Team in the department.

I was also involved in teaching of the following subjects:


I've been developing software almost exclusively in C++ under Linux, although occasionally in Matlab (most often Symbolic Toolbox) for algorithm validation. The software libraries I frequently use include: VXL, Boost, OpenGL, and QT4.

The code below is absolutely FREE (as both in free speech and in free beer). The code is written in the hope that it might be useful to the research community, but without warranty of any kind.

If you find the code useful, please let me know by sending me an email, whether it is a description of its usage in your project, bug report, or simply a piece of joke you find funny.


Automatic video rotoscoping

Non-photorealistic rendering on existing videos to obtain cartoon-like effect. The process runs 3 FPS on a 2.0 GHz CPU. Examples include film clips from The Matrix and Amelie.

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