Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill

Roadmap of Schedule 1

Prepared by Dr C. H. Lindsey

(Last updated March 3rd 2000)
This is my interpretation of Schedule 1 of the Bill. Actually, it is just the tip of the iceberg, because I have not distinguished between when you have the information, and where you are merely "likely to have it. And I have not distinguished between when an original warrant gave permission, and when the permission was issued in a supplementary warrant (by the person who issued the original one, or by someone else of similar standing).

Note that, in spite of the prominence given to getting permission from a Judge in the Bill, it will in fact be most unusual for that to happen in practice (though it always remains an option to go to a Judge if you feel like it, even when other avenues were open to you.

Note some abbreviations used in the Roadmap:
Customs and Excise
HMF Her Majesty's Forces
Secy The Secretary of State
superintendent Superintendent of Police or Commissioners of C&E (or their designated Officer) or Lt Colonel (or equivalent) of HMF
Observe the subtle manner in which the intelligence services shrink behind the parapet if it turns out that the Police are after the same information.

Apologies for the poor quality of this diagram. Click here to obtain a postscript version.

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