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Seemab Latif

PhD Student
School of Computer Science
Room IT301 Kilburn Building
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL
Phone: +44 161 275 6135
Fax:     +44 161 275 6204

  About Me...

I am a PhD student at the School of Computer Science and I am a member of Machine Learning and Optimization Group previously known as Artificial Intelligence Group. My Supervisors are Dr. Mary McGee Wood and Dr. Goran Nenadic. My research is focused on pre-processing the text before document clustering algorithms and its application in electronic assessment of long text student's answers.


My Research Interests...

  • My first research interest is optimization of document clustering algorithms by working on the pre-processing of the documents and this is also my PhD research. Document Clustering is a generic problem with wide spread applications within Natural Language engineering, here in this research applied to the clustering of students text answers in an electronic assessment. My present research focuses on two aspects of Document Clustering Algorithms and Summarization; and their combined application. One aspect of document clustering algorithms is Optimization by working on the pre-processing of documents. The second aspect is Summarization as an approach to pre-process the texts.


How I describe my Research in THREE Sentences…

  1. Summarization

  2. Summarization Clustering

  3. Summarization Clustering Assessment

  • My second research interest is to investigate correlations and associations for identification and prediction of relationships and their activeness in a network. I have worked on this research in my MS and I would be carrying on this research later. This research will be focusing on building a network model for finding relationships, associations and prediction of activeness of networks. This will require real time IP monitoring of the network traffic.


Evaluation Data from My Research...
During my PhD, I have performed an experiment for the evaluation of automatic summarization. I am making this evaluation data available to the research community to stimulate further research. There are sixteen human generated summaries of four TOEFL essays having varying human assigned scores on the scale of 6.0. This data also contains human evaluations (in the form of questionnaire and comments) of computer-generated summaries of four TOEFL essays. This data contains raw information that can be further researched and investigated to find new relationships between human generated summaries, inter-annotator disagreement, linguistic quality of essays, automatic evaluations and human evaluations of essays and much more.

Note: These files are divided into two groups based on the order of the tasks in the experiment. First 8 files are numbered from 1-8 and last 8 files are numbered from 11-18 (instead of 9-16).

This evaluation data can be downloaded here.


My Publications...
  • S. Latif, M.M Wood and G. Nenadic, 2009 "Correlation between Human Assessment of Essays and ROUGE Evaluation of Essays' Summaries''. In Proceeding of the 8th International Symposium on NLP (SNLP 2009 Bangkok, Thailand).

  • S. Latif, 2009 "Automatic Summarization as a Pre-processing Technique for Document Clustering". In Proceedings of the 12th Annual CLUKI Research Colloquium, The UK and Ireland special interest group for computational linguistics, University College Dublin (CLUKI 2009 Ireland).

  • S. Latif and M.M Wood, 2009 "A Novel Technique for Automated Linguistic Quality Assessment of Students' Essays Using Automatic Summarizers". In Proceedings of World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, IEEE Computer Society (CSIE 2009 Los Angeles, USA) pp. 144-149.

  • S. Latif and M. Wood, 2008 "Text Pre-processing for Document Clustering".  In Proceedings of the Natural Language and Information Systems, 13th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB 2008 London, UK) pp. 358–359.

  • S. Latif, 2008 "Text Pre-processing for Document Clustering".  In Proceedings of the 11th Annual CLUK Research Colloquium, The UK special interest group for computational linguistics, Oxford University Computing Laboratory (CLUK 2008 Oxford, UK).

  • S. Latif and S. Khan, 2006 "Correlations and Associations Analysis for Identification and Prediction of Relationships and Their Activeness". In Proceedings of 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications (ICTTA 2006 Damascus, Syria) pp. 1855- 1859.

  • S. Latif and A. Khalid, 2004 "Distributed Intelligent Network for Recording, Retrieval, and Prediction of Criminal Activities". In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering Applications Islamabad Session (ICSEA 2004 Islamabad, Pakistan).

  My Brief Bibliography...

I have been enrolled as a PhD student and now I am in 3rd year of my research. Along with my PhD, I am working as Part-time Teacher’s Assistant/ Lab Demonstrator at the University of Manchester. Job responsibilities include conducting undergraduate labs, helping students in doing their assignments and marking their assignments.

I also have worked as an Academic Tutor with MAP Manchester Access Program. Job responsibilities include examining piece of work from the student’s current level 3 studies and providing structured feedback whether or not the agreed intended learning outcomes have been fulfilled.

I am appointed as a WiSET Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Student Champion for School of Computer Science. As the Student Champion I will be working with the academic champion and admin contact in the School in order to:

  • Explore areas where WiSET could be of benefit to female students in the School.

  • Brainstorm, plan, deliver and attend relevant activities. This will include contacting speakers or trainers to deliver the events.

  • Feed into the Faculty through the Faculty Student Coordinator for the Schools of  Computer Science and Mathematics.

  • Attend Faculty wide events and promote these events within the School.

  • Support the Faculty in expanding the WiSET network both internally and externally.

  My Qualifications...

Extra Courses I have taken...

  • ORACLE Certified Professional DBA (Database Administrator).

  • UML (Unified Modeling Language).

Competition in which I have participated...

  • 2004, Won Second prize in 3rd All Pakistan Inter College/University Software Exhibition and Competition (COMPPEC) in the category of Business Databases held at the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, NUST Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 

  • 2004, Participated in All Pakistan Software Competition (SOFTEC) held at FAST-NU Lahore, Pakistan.