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My general areas of interest are artificial intelligence and computational cognitive science. In particular, I have been working in  machine learning,  pattern recognition and machine perception (computer audition and vision) for over two decades. On the basis of the aforementioned fundamental researches, I am keen on developing intelligent systems for real world applications.

Research Topics in the MLP@UoM Lab

  • Deep/representation learning and their applications
  • Reinforcement learning, lifelong learning and artificial general intelligence
  • Ensemble, semi-supervised, transfer/multi-task and zero-shot learning
  • Learning-based video game development and GVGAI
  • Temporal information processing and applications 
  • Affective computing (Emotion detection/modeling/recognition)
  • Human activity recognition and understanding 
  • Multimedia information retrieval
  • Pattern analysis and discovery
  • Robust clustering analysis 
  • Information component analysis for perceptual data
  • Acoustic/non-verbal speech information processing
  • Biolgoically plausible visual/auditory perception modeling 
  • Physiological data modeling and cognitive computation
  • Biometric authentication systems

For the further information on my research interests and previous work, please also refer to my feature article "On the Dyanmic Pattern Analysis, Discovery and Recognition" appearing in IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society E-Newsletter, Issue 12, September 2005, which briefly overviews most of my previous work   (up to 2004) . Also you can visit my Publication page for more recent yet detailed information on my researches.

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