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AnotherLevelUp offers the user the ability to create their own sets of preferences or themes, and privileged users can export their preferences into a common shared area. The system comes complete with almost 60 ready made themes which can be loaded from the preferences menu. (Please note: the basic package contains only a small number of themes, the others are in a separate rpm/tar file so that downloading can be more efficient).

Special thanks: seven of the themes included in the distribution are based on images from www.digitalblasphemy.com. These are used with the kind permission of their artist and copyright holder, Ryan Bliss.

The current themes include the following -- click on the small pictures for a larger view.

Each is shown as a preview with just two xterms on the screen, and part of the menu. The top most of the two xterms is the window which is active (i.e. currently has the focus). Note the pager near the top right hand corner and the menu buttons panels on the right hand side. Some of the flexibility of design in the window title bars can be seen by examining the detail in the larger pictures.

Apples and Pears
Bad Block City
Belfry Bats
Black Velvet
Blue Bricks
Blue Clouds
Blue Marble
Blue Pebbles
Blue Water
Blue and Green
Chess Board
Choose Linux
Clean Black on White
Clean White on Black
Cool Blue
DB Adrift
DB Borealis
DB Fraxsplosion
DB Gazebo
DB Inner Earth
DB Red Sky
DB Valley
Earth Blue
Earth Green
Escher Birds
Escher Tridents
Flat Rocks
Forest Brown
Forest Green
Global Fireworks
Gothic Grey
Green Machine
Grey Hammered Metal
Grey Metal
Hot Stuff
Imperial Blue
Ink Pool
Leprechaun Lounge
Manchester Map
Manchester Uniciest
Manchester Unicurl
Manchester Weather
Mauve Music
Melon Energy
Neon Scream
Night Driver
Orange Rock
Purple Dots
Red Brick
Red Rock
Santas Nightmare
Stars Moving
Stars Stationary
Terracotta Bits
Wood Pine
Yellow and Blue Notepad
Yellow and Blue ZigZag