Books and Chapters in Books

Books and Chapters in Books


G. Brewka, J. Dix:
Knowledge Representation with Logic Program
Handbook of Philosophical Logic, 2nd edition, Volume 6,
Chapter 6, Oxford University Press, 2003.
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Material was presented as a Tutorial given at ECAI '96 and
in modified form at ESSLLI '97, August 1997, Aix-en-Provence.
Short version appeared in J. Dix, L.M. Pereira and T. Przymusinski (eds.),
Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation, pages 1--51,
LNCS 1471, Springer, July 1998.


J. Dix, U. Furbach, I. Niemelae:
Nonmonotonic Reasoning: Towards Efficient Calculi and Implementations
A. Voronkov and Robinson (editors)
Handbook of Automated Reasoning, Volume 2, Chapter 18, pages 1121--1234
Elsevier Science Press, 2001.
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V.S. Subrahmanian, P. Bonatti, J. Dix, Th. Eiter, S. Kraus, F. Ozcan, R. Ross
Heterogenous Agent Systems
MIT-Press, June 2000. ISBN 0262194368. See
See also Sample Version


J. Dix:
Cognitive Systems
John G. Webster (editor), Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Volume 3 (of 24), pages 531--540.
John Wiley \& Sons, February 1999.
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G. Brewka, J. Dix, K. Konolige:
Nonmonotonic Reasoning: An Overview.
Computational Studies in Logic, Language and Information, Lecture Notes 73.
Cambridge University Press, January 1997.
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J. Dix:
Semantics of Logic Programs: Their Intuitions and Formal Properties. An Overview.
In A. Fuhrmann and Hans Rott (eds.), Logic, Action and Information---
Essays on Logic in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence, pages 241--327,
De Gruyter, September 1995.
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Books and Chapters in Books

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