List of accepted papers in alphabetical order.

Author Title
Bonacina Analysis of distributed-search contraction-based strategies
Bry, Torge A Deduction Method Complete for Refutation and Finite Satisfiability
Cadoli, Palopoli, Scarallo Propositional Lower Bounds: Generalization and Algorithms
Dawson, Gore A Mechanised Proof System for Relation Algebra using Display Logic
Dell'Acqua, Sadri, Toni Combining introspection and communication with rationality and reactivity in agents
Demri, Konikowska Relative Similarity Logics are Decidable: Reduction to FO2 with Equality
Denecker The Well-founded Semantics Is the Principle of Inductive Definition
Fuchs Requirement-Based Cooperative Theorem Proving
Giordano, Gliozzi, Olivetti A Conditional Logic for Belief Revision
Guzman, Ojeda-Aciego, Valverde Implicates and reduction techniques for temporal logics
Hoeck, Jaspars, Thijsse Persistence and Minimality in Epistemic Logic
Janhunen On the Expressive Power of Autoepistemic, Default and Priority Logic and Parallel Circumscription
Kerber On Knowledge, Strings, and Paradoxes
Koriche A Logic for Anytime Deduction and Anytime Compilation
Linke, Schaub An approach to query-answering in Reiter's default logic and the underlying existence of extensions problem
Lu, Furbach Disjunctive Logic Program = Horn Program + Control Program
Lu, Hagiya, Harao Higher Order Generalization
Lu, Murray, Rosenthal Mho-Resolution: An Inference Rule for Regular Multiple-Valued Logics
Mantel, Kreitz A Matrix Characterization for MELL
Monz, Rijke A Resolution Calculus for Dynamic Semantics
Osorio Semantics of Partial-Order Programs
Pichler Algorithms on Atomic Representations of Herbrand Models
Thielscher Towards State Update Axioms: Reifying Successor State Axioms
Torre Phased Labeled Logics of Conditional Goals
Torre, Tan Prohairetic Deontic Logic (PDL)

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