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I am an honorary lecturer in the School of Computer Science and I belong to the Information Management Group and to Research Computing Services.

Contact details

Room J1, Sackville Street Building, University of Manchester, M13 PL, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK. Voice (+44-161) 275-6814 Fax (+44-161) 275-6024 Email john DOT brooke AT manchester DOT ac DOT uk (replace DOT by . and AT by @)

Scientific Biography

I gained my PhD (in Mathematics) from the University of Manchester in 1997. After that I worked in the High Performance Computing service at Manchester Computing and then in 2000 I founded the Grid Computing and e-Science team at what was then known as Manchester Computing but is now known as Research Computing Services. During this period my research was mainly in nonlinear mathematics applied to problems in astrophysics.

In 2001 I became acively involved in the UK e-Science progrmamme and my research moved into computer science. This phase involved working on some of the largest computers available in a series of international collaborations on planetary scale computing in the Reality Grid Project. The ability to interact with running numerical simulations also raises issues in numerical mathematics and in model reduction in large scale dynamical systems. I continued to investigate these issues in a joint collaboration with the School of Mathematics in the CICADA Project. My current interests are in Cyber-Physical systems, where there is an interaction between the digital and physical worlds. Examples of such systems are and electical Grid systems and I have industrial collaborations with the water industry in the UK to apply software developed in my reearch to problems of control and monitoring of water distribution systems. I also collaborate with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in applying such methods to "Smart" electrical Grids, this work is also attracting industrial involvement and support. The second strand of my current work involves the application of computer science in Astronomy and I have current projects with Jodrell Bank Observatory. and with a European collaboration in Heliophysics.


A list of my publications is available online.

PhD and MSc Supervision

CurrentPhD Projects

I currently have PhD projects available for supervision with the water industry in the development of intelligent Decision Support Tools in water engineering in collaboration with the Water Research Council. I also have projects available in data management and computational modelling in Heliophysics. I am developing a collaboration with IBM in the use of computational steering and visualization for Blue Gene Supercomputers. , using the Reality Grid Steering Library. I am currently supervising the following students This is a list of my former students