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Dr Ian Rogers BSc(Hons.), M.Phil., Ph.D, MACM, MIEEE, FBCS. ohloh profile for Ian Rogers

Receiver of Atlas Scholarship and Edwards Award
Fellow of the BCS, professional member of the ACM and IEEE
email: rogers.email [at] gmail.com

I was a researcher working on the Jamaica project, designing future computer architectures, compilers, binary translators and operating systems. I have had research interests in network security, real-time network protocols and e-learning. I had a senior position working for Azul Systems, solving the design of virtual machines for server environments (you can get involved too!). I have recently joined the Android mobile group at Google.
I have and have had a range of commitments including:

First International Workshop on Trace Compilation
I am a program committee member for IWTC 2011.
Principles and Practice of Programming Java (PPPJ 2011)
I am a program committee member for PPPJ 2011.
Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems (ICOOOLPS 2011)
I am the chair for ICOOOLPS 2011.
Runtime Environments/Systems, Layering and Virtualized Environments (ASPLOS RESoLVE)
I am a program committee member for the 2011 ASPLOS RESoLVE workshop.
Virtual Execution Environments (VEE'11)
I am a program committee member for VEE'11.
The Second International Forum on Next Generation Multicore/Manycore Technologies (IFMT'10)
I am a technical program committee member for IFMT.
3rd International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3 2010)
I am a program committee member for IC3 in the area of systems.
Managed Runtime Initiative
A new design initiative solving the problems with interactions between operating systems and virtual machines.
Metacircular Research Platform (MRP)
A new metacircular virtual machine design effort, already substantially improving over Jikes RVM.

In the past my commitments have included:

Google Summer of Code 2008
I was the organization administrator and mentor for Jikes RVM in the Google SoC 2008 and 2007.
Jikes RVM
I was a core team member of the Jikes RVM and its leading contributor for the years up to 2010
I look after an open source Java based dynamic binary translator (x86/PPC/ARM) that are now merged into MRP.
My PhD work was part of the foundation for Transitive Technologies where I was a senior engineer and design authority. One technology I was responsible for creating was Apple's Rosetta

I wrote a book chapter for O'Reilly on metacircular virtual machine design:

Me and my beautiful wife LiRong in Llanberis: