Set Theory

Set Theory MATH43021

Useful and interesting set theory

This course is taught in the first semester with two lectures and one example class each week. The course consists of six topics each of 3 or 4 lectures.
Here is the Mock exam. The Solutions will appear in early January (if the world still exists then). There will be an Examples Class at 10.00 am on Wednesday 9th Jan.

Each topic has two associated documents, a Development of the material with associated exercises, and Solutions to the exercises.
The Development is available a few days before the relevant lectures begin. You must have those notes with you at the lectures.
The Solutions are available 10 days after that block of lectures has finished.
These documents will appear, as a pdf, at the appropriate bullet point above.
It is up to you to obtain these documents from this web page.

The following are the slides from the lectures.
Harold Simmons
Last modified: Thursday 03 January 2013