Ordinal notations from below

Ordinal notations from below

I have done some work in this area, mainly to try to understand the subject. In this block I include two published papers, one set of notes (which ramble a bit), and two unpublished papers (which in their present state are not ready for publication). I also include the slides of a talk that I gave at the Leeds meeting in July 09.

A pre-publication version of the paper
A comparison of two systems of ordinal notations
Archive for Math. Logic 34 (2004) 65-83.
Comparison.pdf .

A pre-publication version of the paper
Fruitful and helpful functions
Archive for Math. Logic 47 (2008) 677-709.
Fruitful.pdf .

A long set of notes
Iteration templates as generalized ordinal notations
IterTemplate.pdf .

First unpublished paper
An applied lambda-calculus for iteration templates
LambdaH.pdf .

Second unpublished paper
Generating ordinal notations from below with a non-recursive construction of the Schutte brackets
FromBelow.pdf .

And the Leeds slides
OrdSlides.pdf .