CORBA Architecture

The Camelot system uses CORBA architecture to provide a modular Knowledge Base Management System (KBMS). The benefits of this approach are:

More details of the design rationale can be found in:
S. Bechhofer, I. Horrocks, P. F. Patel-Schneider, and S. Tessaris. A proposal for a description logic interface. In P. Lambrix, A. Borgida, M. Lenzerini, R. Möller, and P. Patel-Schneider, editors, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Description Logics (DL'99), pages 33-36, 1999.
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while technical details of the CORBA architecture can be found in:
Sean Bechhofer, Ian Horrocks and Sergio Tessaris. CORBA interface for a DL Classifier. Internal Report. (81Kb compressed postscript)

Those seeking a more "accessible" overview should consult:

S Bechhofer and C A Goble. Delivering Terminological Services. AI*IA Notizie, Periodico dell'Associazione Italiana per l'intelligenza Artificiale.Vol.12, No.1, March 1999.
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