Project : Ensemble Systems with Negative Correlation Learning

Ensemble Systems are groups of predictors constructed to obtain better generalisation than any single predictor, and have emerged as one of the most powerful pattern recognition techniques of the last decade.
In constructing the base set of learners, it is well appreciated that the individuals should exhibit different patterns of generalisation, the intuition being that a group of identical predictors is no better than a single one of the same form. The performance of the system is dependent these differences, the so called error diversity. A number of techniques in the literature have attempted to encourage diversity by randomly perturbing the training data---Bagging and Random Subspaces are examples of this. In contrast, our work has attempted to explicitly quantify diversity, and incorporate it into a learning algorithm - this is Negative Correlation Learning.

NC learning works with a penalty term attached to the normal MSE error function. A coefficient can be used to vary the emphasis on the penalty term. With a coefficient of zero, the NC learning algorithm is exactly equivalent to a simple ensemble of learners. With a higher coefficient, we have observed significantly faster convergenece, and lower generalisation error on a number of problems.

Demo code:

Download some demonstration code of the algorithm here.


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