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Gavin Brown
My group works mainly on aspects of ensemble learning, efficient deep learning, feature selection/extraction, and information theoretic / probabilistic models for each of these. We have applied these to domains as diverse as bio-health informatics, adaptive compilers, and humanitarian issues around disaster scenarios. I collaborate most often with my good friend Dr Mikel Lujan.

AstraZeneca Data Science Fellow
Kostas Sechidis is a postdoc in the group - holding the AstraZeneca Data Science Fellowship at Manchester. As indicated by his job title, his project is sponsored by AZ, focused on statitistical ML methods for supporting subgroup discovery in clinical trials.
EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow
Nikos Nikolaou is a postdoc working as an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow on theory of boosting algorithms. His most recent work has unified over 20 years of work in the field.
ESRC Research Associate
Emily Turner is a Research Associate on the ESRC funded project ``Understanding and improving risk assessment on domestic abuse cases''. She holds a degree in Law, and an MSc in statistics.
EPSRC Research Associate
Andrew Webb is an RA working on the LAMBDA project, creating efficient deep neural networks.
PhD student
Henry Reeve is a PhD student in the team, working on representation learning. He published work in a 2015 NIPS workshop on Modular Autoencoders, and then recently won a Best Paper Award at ESANN for a paper called ``Degrees of freedom in Regression Ensembles''.
PhD student
Georgiana Neculae is a PhD student, working on deep neural networks. She has interests in collaborations with the SpiNNaker team, led by Steve Furber.
PhD student
Kostas Papengelou is a PhD student, working on clinical trial data and challenging learning environments.
PhD student
Charles Reynolds is a PhD student working on deep learning systems.

Awards for work by members of our group:
Nikos Nikolaou - ACM "Best of Computing Notable Article of 2016" for our journal paper.
Henry Reeve - ESANN Best Student Paper Award 2017
Kostas Sechidis - ECML Best Student Paper award 2014
Nikos Nikolaou - AERFAI Summer School 2015 Best Poster Award
Adam Pocock - BCS Distinguished Dissertation Award 2013
Gavin Brown - BCS Distinguished Dissertation Award 2004

Former research staff
Tameem Adel Hesham RA 2016-2017, LAMBDA project. Now... at University of Cambridge.
Ming-Jie Zhao RA 2008-2013, ADEPT project. Now... at Microsoft Research Asia.
Nara Edakunni RA 2010-2011, iTLS project. Now... Senior Researcher, Xerox Labs, Banglore.
Peter Sutton RA 2010-2011, REUNITE project. Now... Director, Foxdog Studios Software.
Lloyd Henning RA 2010-2011, REUNITE project. Now... Director, Foxdog Studios Software.
Arjun Chandra RA 2008-2009, ADEPT project. Now... postdoc, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Jeremy Singer RA 2008-2011, iTLS project. Now... Lecturer, University of Glasgow

Completed PhDs
Sarah Nogueira Thesis Now... Research Scientist, Criteo, Paris
Nikos Nikolaou Thesis Now... RA in my group (see above)
Konstantinos Sechidis Thesis Now... RA in my group (see above)
Richard Stapenhurst Thesis Now..., Vancouver Google, London.
Adam Pocock Thesis Now... Principal Research Engineer, Oracle Labs, Boston.
Manuela Zanda Thesis Now... Research Scientist, Sanger Institute, Cambridge
Amir Ahmad Thesis Now... Lecturer, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Hossain Sharif - Now... Lecturer, University of Portsmouth

I am proud to say I have worked with several very inspiring people.
I am less proud to say this list is hideously out of date!

Ludmila Kuncheva in Bangor.
Marcelo Cintra in Edinburgh.
Fabio Roli and Giorgio Fumera at Cagliari
Tim Kovacs and James Marshall at Bristol
Mikel Lujan, Jeremy Singer, and Ian Watson at Manchester
Steve Furber at Manchester
Jeremy Wyatt and Peter Tino at Birmingham
Xin Yao at Birmingham