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Some essential reading, recent tutorials on ensemble learning. If you have written one recently - please mail me a link!

  1. Ensemble-Based Systems in Decision Making NEW
    Robi Polikar, IEEE CSM 2006

  2. Popular Ensemble Methods: An Empirical Study
    Opitz and Maclin, Journal of AI Research 1999 (html version)

  3. Ensemble Methods in Machine Learning
    Tom Dietterich, 2000

  4. Ensemble Diversity Creation Methods: A Survey and Categorisation
    Brown, Wyatt, Harris and Yao, Information Fusion 2005

  5. The Boosting Approach to Machine Learning: An Overview
    Rob Schapire, 2002

  6. Various Boosting tutorials
    Maintained by Rob Schapire

  7. Multiple Classifier Systems: Back to the Future
    J. Ghosh, Workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems 2002