AERFAI Summer School, Benicassim 2017
Ensemble Learning

Professor Gavin Brown, School of Computer Science, The University of Manchester

These are my materials for the AERFAI summer school 2017, on the topic of ``ensemble learning''.
These will stay up for this week, but likely come down afterward. The material will find a permanent home on the AERFAI site.
0900-0955: Lecture 1 in Powerpoint (19Mb) and PDF (14Mb)
1005-1100: Lecture 2 in Powerpoint (12Mb) and PDF (7Mb)
1130-1220: Lecture 3 in Powerpoint (9Mb) and PDF (6Mb)
1230-1330: Lecture 4 in Powerpoint (10Mb) and PDF (7Mb), and the paper
All materials are covered in an accompanying text --- available here (only 2mb).

Other interesting things:
Galton's Nature paper
A survey paper on diversity and ensemble methods
How to do online Boosting and Bagging (see also Jerzy Stefanofski's talk on streaming data -- Friday!)