Information to the group members

Welcome; Hello World :-) from Fumie Costen


Research Interests

  • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) systems
  • Finite–Difference Time–Domain (FDTD) methods
  • Frequency Dependency (FD) inclusion into FDTD methods
  • Absorbing Boundary Conditions (ABC)
  • Subgridding techniques
  • Implicit Schemes
  • Biomedical Computation with parallel FD-FDTD
  • Computational electromagnetics
  • Propagation environment modelling
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Cluster and grid computing
  • Microwave imaging
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Medical image classification
  • Precision agriculture
  • Research collaborators now and in the past

  • James Cole at University College London
  • Joao Papa at Sao Paulo State University
  • Mateus Roder at Sao Paulo State University
  • Danilo Samuel Jodas at Sao Paulo State University
  • Norman Kirkby at Christie hospital
  • Mahmoud Alshbool at Jordan University Of Science And Technology
  • Herve Aubert at Institut National Polytechnique and Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systemes, CNRS
  • Vikass Monebhurrun at CentraleSupelec
  • Emmanuel Fort at ESPCI
  • Jean-Pierre Berenger at previously DGA, now in the University of Manchester
  • Mehmet Emre Yavuz at Intel
  • Ryutaro Himeno, Hideo Yokota at RIKEN
  • Raj Mittra at Pennsylvania State University
  • Mohamed Latrach at University of Ecole Superieure d'Electronique de l'Ouest (ESEO)
  • Costas Sarris at University of Toronto
  • Salvador Garcia at University of Granada
  • Fujino Seiji, Takeshi Nanri at University of Kyushu
  • Expertise

  • Unix OS on Sun, DEC, and HP systems Demand for Linux skills has never been higher. 90% of IT Managers anticipate employing someone with Linux Skills in the next 12 months.
  • bash/tcsh scripting
  • sed and awk
  • Fortran and MPI
  • LaTeX
  • Telecommunications
  • Signal processing
  • Radars and sonars
  • Sensor systems