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Drag-n-Drop Mechanism 2.3

Available as a gzipped tarfile (Windows users can use WinZip to read this, though they won't be able to use the code anyway due to a lack of send support for handling the IPC) and the manual pages (PS - formatted for A4) are available as well.

Drag-n-Drop Mechanism 3.0a4

Available as a gzipped tarfile and the manual pages (PS - formatted for A4) are available as well. This is a new and improved version, coded in C for greater speed and easier use. This has unfortunately apparently introduced one or two bugs (I think - I'm not altogether sure) so I'd be grateful for some reports of successful and unsuccessful use.

Thoughts about the next version

Some of my thoughts about the next version (dragdrop 4), which should allow support for platform-native drag-and-drop (so you can use your scripts with whatever else you have on your desktop, supposedly), are here. Please note that this document is still under development.

Revised - 31 Aug 2000 Dateline: 31th August 200 - Note that all the resources pointed to by this page are actually quite old now. George Petasis (if I remember correctly) has been working a lot more on drag and drop recently with tkdnd, so you should see what he is up to. Apparently, he has native support working on Linux and part working on Windows. Go for it, George!

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