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The list is usually among the first places to get news of where signing tours are going to happen though I will post the info up here as soon as I can.

Yes, Ray Feist is a list member, and he does answer questions put on the list (often with ``Wait until the next book...'' though, so I wouldn't be too set on finding out)

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The FEISTFANS-L Archive:

Currently, I've just made available my archives of mail messages archived from the FeistFans mailing list at Cornell. This archive can now be searched provided you have a Java 1.1-compliant browser. Sadly, this counts against all but the latest versions of Netscape, but since I'm only interested in Sun's JDK and I'm not about to write a decompression class, I don't care.

Some of the messages will have been edited, though this is generally to either unMIME a message (which I do sometimes) or reformat a paragraph so that it is less than 80 characters wide. I do not alter the actual content.

Note that this is an archive. There are lots of things said here that I do not agree with. The only parts of it that can be said to be my opinion are those bits that are associated directly with my name, and only necessarily on the date given. The copyrights on the messages lie with their respective authors, and none of the messages should be used for any purpose beyond that implied by the normal usages associated with the rest of the mailing list without the explicit, written permission of the author in question.

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There are currently around 71700 messages here, but you'll need gzip to read them, and Emacs rmail-mode to make full use of them. They are (virtually) plain text though, so they should present no problems (once you've got them uncompressed, that is <grin>)

People with a PC or a Mac can find ready to run programs to handle gzipped files in a place like a Simtel mirror for a PC version (I don't know enough about the Mac world to recommend where to go). I can't really do a lot more there to help you out then that though, as I don't use those platforms a lot myself. Recent enough versions of WinZip also handle the gzip format but I've had some reports of problems relating to auto-MIME handling. I don't intend to do anything about this.

Requests that I store them uncompressed will be blithely ignored, as I find that 41.7MB is much more manageable than around 236.6MB <grin>

You may also read my current load of stuff from the list but this is not guaranteed to be a good link, and may not always download successfully. 9am to 5pm GMT/BST, Monday to Friday, are the times when it is most likely to be messing up (as I may be adding messages to it at the time <grin>)

Thanks to Phil Adamson <>, the loss of archive from the 23rd of April, 1996 to the 25th of the same month has now been rectified (about 35 messages have entered the archive that I had thought lost forever).

Apologies for the loss of service (both archiving and serving of this page) on the 26th and 27th of March, 1997. This was due to the sysadmins bringing down our fileserver for two hours (for "preventative maintenance") and the listproc deciding that this meant I was no longer on the list... People wishing to add the missing messages to the archive are welcome to contact me, and we'll work something out.

Yet another loss of service occurred on the 23rd and 24th of April, 1997. What is up with this stupid listserver? Every time one of our fileservers crashes, I'm slung off the list! Grrr...

Yet again, there was a loss of service. This time it was on the 1st of December, 1998. Luckily, this outage has been resolved with the kind help of Richard "rip" Williamson. Cheers!

News and Events

First off, I can advise going to hear Ray talking. He is a very entertaining speaker indeed, and you can get a feeling for just how much he appreciates his friends. You can also get to see where Ray is taking Midkemia in the future...

If you feel aggrieved that Ray only really seemed to be doing the Mid-West and a couple of Californian sites this time round, remember that the last time he was on tour, his publisher took him to other cities (the East Coast IIRC) and this time he's mainly doing places that lost out last time. Next tour, it will be somewhere else's turn. What with him being a best-selling fantasy author, Ray would have great trouble getting much work done if he visited everywhere that would have him. Be patient, and agitate with your bookstore to ask for him to visit. If they persuade Ray's publisher that visiting your area is a good thing, then he will (eventually) come.


The last tour of Europe was 15th September 1999 to 25th September 1999 and covered the UK (Cambridge, Manchester and Birmingham) and the Netherlands (Oosterhout, Den Haag and Rotterdam).

The next tour (autumn 2002) will be going to the following places in the UK:

Date Time Venue Telephone Notes
Mon 09 September 12.30-1.30pm Hammicks, 60-62 St Anns Road, Harrow, UK 020 8863 4578
Mon 09 September 6.30pm Borders, 203-207 Oxford Street, London, UK 020 7292 1650 Chaired by Pat Cadigan
Tue 10 September 12.30-1.30pm Hammicks, 14-16 Chelsea House, Queen Anne's Walk, Basingstoke, UK 01256 460646
Wed 11 September 6.30pm Ottakar's, 72 Midsupper Place, Milton Keynes, UK 01908 395384
Thu 12 September 12.30-1.30pm Blackwell's, 89 Park Street, Bristol, UK 0117 927 6602
Thu 12 September 6.00pm Waterstone's, 128 Princes Street, Edinburgh, UK 0131 226 2666
Fri 13 September 12.30-1.30pm Ottakar's, 31 The Bridges, Sunderland, UK 0191 567 4331
Fri 13 September 7.00pm Waterstone's, 91 Deansgate, Manchester, UK 0161 837 3000
Sat 14 September 1.00-2.00pm Ottakar's, 76 High Street, Chelmsford, UK 01245 268737

Lunchtime venues seem to be just signings, but evening venues are doing "events", which on past experience probably mean that Ray will talk for a while and answer questions before the signing.

New - 14 August 2002 In Holland, there will be the following signing sessions:

Date Time Venue Notes
Friday 6 September 5pm Scheltema in Amsterdam Signing
Saturday 7 September 3pm Donner in Rotterdam Interview & signing

North America

The last tour of North America was 10th March 2001 to 29th March 2001 and covered San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Palo Alto, Chicago, Cleveland and Austin (I think I got that right...)

New - 13 August 2002 Ray Feist writes this on the topic of tours in the US:

OK, so here's the deal on Talon tour in the US.

So far it looks like I'll be in So. Cal (big surprise), though specific 
locations are under discussion. San Francisco,  Denver/Boulder, 
Portland, Or, and Seattle, are pretty high up the list on where I'll be.

Minneapolis is also a possibility.

So, where else is there a bookstore where they'll put on a show in your 
area?  Now, before you start tying and filling up this list, here's a 
few things to consider.

I don't want to hear "So and so puts on some good signings!  You should 
try there."  What I want to hear is "I've talked to the manager at so 
and so and they'll talk to their corporate liason/PR person/whatever it 
is and contact HarperCollins/Avon."

In other words if you know of a store and have a contact, let us know.  
It is far more effective, however, if the store makes the overture.  If 
a store asks for me during a tour and can guarantee a certain number of 
books there, it's a good thing.

Other possibilities I'd like to see are St. Louis, Milwaukee, New 
Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Washington D.C., or 

Needless to say what I want has very little impact on Avon, but any data 
helps make the decision.

Australia and New Zealand

New - 14 August 2002 The following places in Australia and New Zealand are currently on the list, though revisions are of course possible:

Date Time Venue Notes
Tuesday 17th September 3:00pm Dymocks Carousel, Westfield Shopping Centre, Albany Highway, Cannington, WA Book Signing
Tuesday 17th September 6:30pm Perth Town Hall, Cnr Hay Street and Barrack Street, Perth, WA Literary Event
Wednesday 18th September 12:30pm A & R Fremantle, 120 High St, Fremantle, WA Book Signing
Wednesday 18th September 1:45pm Dymocks Garden City, Garden City Shopping Centre, Riseley St, Booragoon, WA Book Signing
Thursday 19th September 1:00pm Dymocks, 136 Rundel Mall, Adelaide, SA Book Signing
Friday 20th September 12:30pm Dymocks, 234 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC Book Signing
Friday 20th September 4:30pm Slow Glass Books, 305 - 307 Swanson St, Melbourne, VIC Book Signing
Saturday 21st September 10:30am Borders Shop B16, 134 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone, VIC Book Signing
Saturday 21st September 1:30pm Robinsons Bookshop, Shop 3, 11 Stations Street, Frankstone, VIC Book Signing
Sunday 22nd September 10:00am Galaxy, 222 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW Book Signing
Sunday 22nd September 2:00pm Infinitas Bookshop, Shop 5, 1 Horwood Place, Parramatta, NSW Book Signing
Monday 23rd September 11:00am A&R Bookshop Pitt St Mall, Sydney, NSW Book Signing
Monday 23rd September 4:30pm Australian National University, Canberra, ACT Book Event
Tuesday 24th September 1:30pm Borders, Westfield S/C, 236 Pacific Highway, Hornsby, NSW Book Signing
Wednesday 25th September 11:00am A&R Post Office Square, Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD Book Signing
Wednesday 25th September 1:30pm Myer, Queens Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD Book Signing
Wednesday 25th September 7:15pm Pulp Fiction, Anzac Square Arcade 265-269 Edward St, Brisbane, QLD Book Event
Thursday 26 September 7:00pm Whitcoulls, Queen St, Auckland, NZ Event
Saturday 28 September 12:30pm Dymocks, Lampton Quay, Wellington, NZ signing?

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