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Gwenn Englebienne

2.62 Kilburn Building
School of Computer Science
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United Kingdom

About me

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I was born in Ghent, in Belgium. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering from the Hogeschool Gent, where I specialised in Information and Communication technologies. I did my thesis for that degree in the context of a Socrates exchange, at the Umeå universitet, in Sweden.

I then spent three years working as an engineer at Scientific Atlanta, where I developed embedded software for high-speed telecomunication equipment, iLynx and Prisma GbE. When I had squirrelled enough money, I went back to the lecture theatres, and followed a taught MSc course at the University of Manchester. My MSc thesis was exploring the greedy algorithm described by Michalis Titsias and Chris Williams.

Since I did enjoy that experience quite a lot, I applied for some funding for a PhD at the same university, which is how I got here.

Research Interests

Although my background is pretty much in electronics engineering and Information Technology, the field of information technology and machine learning are much more closely related than I had at first appreciated. The focus of my PhD research is now fully in the area of Machine Learning.

I'm playing with probabilistic models of shape and appearance (ASM and AAM), and the relationships between speech and the evolution of the parameters of those models when applied to talking faces.


My supervisor is Dr Magnus Rattray, my advisor is Dr Tim Cootes.

Other interests

I also enjoy learning new programming languages, mostly because it improves the flexibility of my approach to programming problems. I enjoy using assembly for speed optimisations (especially using SIMD instructions) or, sometimes, for neat things like synchronisation between signal handlers and threads. And I enjoy writing a short Perl or Python hack just as much.

Finally, I like to play the guitar. I have this disturbing tendency to sing along with the tune I play, however --- though that's only a problem if there's anybody hearing me play...

I love cross-country hiking and cycling.

And I love to sleep.


MSc Thesis