Nick is no longer at
The University of Manchester

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August 2011 - Nick has left the School of Computer Science to work in industry.

Prior to this he was a Research Associate for the Bio-Health Informatics Group in the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester.

He worked for Alan Rector on an industrial collaboration project with Siemens Healthcare, investigating knowledge driven applications for healthcare.

His previous project was the JISC funded CO-ODE project, creating tools for ontology developers.


Nick has been a developer on several pieces of software:

Protégé 4.0 OWL ontology editor

Protégé 4.0 plugins a selection of plugins for editing and browsing OWL ontologies

ontology browser an online OWL ontology browser and query tool

owl patch a small utility for diff and patch between (sets of) ontologies

ROW DL reasoning through a web interface


He also started developing an ontology of Photography