Louise Dennis is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester.

Her background is in artificial intelligence and more specifically in agent and autonomous systems and automated reasoning. She has worked on the development of several automated reasoning and theorem proving tools, most notably the Agent JPF model checker for BDI agent languages; the lambda-clam proof planning system (also archived at the Theorem Prover Museum); and the PROSPER Toolkit for integrating an interactive theorem prover (HOL) with automated reasoning tools (such as SAT solvers) and Case/CAD tools. More recently she has investigated rational agent programming languages and architectures for autonomous systems, with a particular emphasis on verifiable systems and ethical reasoning.

Screenshot of satellites cooperatively exploring an asteroid field
Two satellites cooperate to explore an asteroid field, using a verifiable agent architecture for decision-making. An output from the Engineering Autonomous Space Software project.

Louise Dennis
Department of Computer Science
Kilburn Building
University of Manchester