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Photographs of Olav's Wood

Collections of photographs of the woodland in various seasons, of its wildlife and of the people involved are available below. Also available below is a collection of historical photographs documenting the development of the woodland.

To access the galleries, click on the links or the pictures below. Digital photographs on the website are high resolution. Click on the images to expand them to full size. Most full-size images are also clickable to zoom in on features.

Olav's Wood, South Ronaldsay, Orkney

General pictures of the woodland

General pictures of Olav's Wood taken in summer 2009, including the various habitats in the woodland.

Winter, Orkney

Winter in the woodland

Pictures of Olav's Wood taken during the snows of December 2010.

Flora and Fauna, Orkney

Wildlife gallery

Pictures of the wildlife of the woodland are available here.

Flora and Fauna, Orkney

Plant gallery

Some pictures of plants in the woodland and surrounding area are available here.

History, Olav's Wood

Historical photographs

This gallery is a collection of photographs from the past documenting the development of Olav's Wood. These were kindly contributed by Ken Brookman (and forwarded to the website by Andy Mitchell).

Plants on roadside verges around Olav's Wood

A collection of photographs of the flora of the roadside verges around Olav's Wood, including a study of variation in flower colour.

Other Woodlands and People

Photographs of some of the other woodlands which Olav Dennison has developed, and photographs of some of the people involved in Olav's Wood.

Some landscape views of the area around the woodland are available here.

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