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Other wildlife in Olav's Wood: Fungi, Lichens and Mycetozoa

Here is the beginning of several lists of organisms in Olav's Wood: fungi, lichens and mycetozoa ("slime molds"). There are many more species, and records would be appreciated.

Shaggy Parasols (Chlorophyllum
) among Spruce needles
in Olav's Wood (July 2016)

Thanks to Lee Johnson for these records and photographs.


Ascocoryne sarcoides - Purple jellydisc
Chlorophyllum rhacodes - Shaggy Parasol
Cryptomyces maximus - Willow Blister. A globally scarce paleo- and neo-arctic species, with several records for Orkney.
Dacrymyces stillatus - Common Jellyspot
Dasyscyphus sulphureus - A yellow cup fungus on nettle stems (Lee Johnson, Sept 2017)
Exidia thuretiana - White Brain fungus
Exidia recisa - Amber Jelly fungus, found on willow
*Macrotyphula fistulosa var contorta - Contorted Pipe Club fungus. A new record for Orkney.
Marasmius sp. (Lee Johnson, Sept 2017)
Podosphaera spiraeae - a mildew
Puccinia sp. - a rust
Tremella encephala - a parasite on another fungus species
Xylaria hypoxylon - Stag's Horn fungus

Exidia recisa Amber Jelly fungus on willow in
in Olav's Wood (April 2018, Lee Johnson)

Cryptomyces maximus Willow Blister in Olav's Wood
(April 2018, Lee Johnson)


Lichens are compound organisms consisting of fungi together with algae and/or cynobacteria, living together symbiotically and acting as a single organism. Lichens in Olav's Wood include:

Graphis scripts - Script Lichen
Ramalina sp. - A Strap Lichen


Mycetozoa, also called "slime molds", are strange creatures. They have a variety of life-cycles and structures, but all reproduce by spores. In some species, at certain stages of their life-cycle, they can detect food sources and move towards them. Lee Johnson has found several species in Olav's Wood. Photographs below from Lee (click for larger images).

Leocarpus fragilis
Mucilago crustacea
Stemonitis fusca

Stemonitis fusca in Olav's Wood (July 2015)

Leocarpus fragilis in Olav's Wood (July 2015)

Leocarpus fragilis after sporing (July 2015)

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