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Photographs of Olav's Wood in the Landscape

Here are some (scanned) photographs of Olav's Wood in the South Ronaldsay landscape and other photographs, all sent by Helen Manson.

  • For general views of the woodland visit the Gallery.
  • Some pictures of the wildlife of the woodland (courtesy of Andy Mitchell) are available in the Wildlife Gallery.
  • For historical photographs illustrating the development of the woodland, see the Historical Gallery.

  • A view of the Enclosure, with the Hall on the left and Windwick on the right (notice the sea in the bay), taken from near Blows Moss. October 2009.
  • A view of the narrow link from 1st Footbridge (at the Hydro pole) to 2nd Footbridge. The Hall is in the middle of the picture.
  • A view looking from Cellardyke towards the Triangle, with the Hall and Bu beyond. 25-10-09.
  • A view across to the Hall in c1980.
  • A view towards the Hall (left) and Windwick (right).
  • A photograph of Stephen Manson and Elma Harland in the Enclosure. May 2005.