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Several people are involved in the development of this website. If you wish to make contact for any reason, e.g. just expressing interest, or with some contributions or suggestions, or to discuss matters relating to the woodland and wildlife in the area, please see the list below.

  • This website is managed by David Rydeheard. To contact the site with comments or contributions, please email the website at olavswood@gmail.com.

  • Andy Mitchell, a former RSPB warden in Orkney, is involved in the development of the website. He is especially interested in the birdlife of the woodland and surrounding areas. He is willing to give visitors a tour of the area and its birdlife.

Use of website material

Text and photographs from this website may be used for non-commercial purposes as long as the source is acknowledged "Olav's Wood website: www.olavswood.org.uk". All photographs are available in high resolution. For commercial purposes, contact the site manager.

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