Olav's Wood: Birds and Animals

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Birds of Olav's Wood

The woodland is a haven for resident, migratory and vagrant birds. Over 140 species have been recorded from the woods. Sparrowhawks breed here regularly. Warblers are common in the summer, including Sedge Warblers breeding in the dense shrubbery in the upper woodland. Other notable birds recorded as breeding in the woodland are Goldcrests, Linnets, Greenfinches, Meadow Pipits and Hooded Crows.

During Spring and Autumn migration periods, the woods provide a much-needed stopping and refueling place, and spectacular congregations or rare vistors may be see. For example, in early October 2016, the woods were teeming with Goldcrests stopping-off on their way south.

An extensive list of birds of the woodland and surrounding areas has been contributed by Andy Mitchell (2014). This includes notes on their breeding status in the woodland and comments on seasonal movements, scarcity etc.

A 2012 list of birds is also available.

Additional birds that have been seen in the woods: Parrot Crossbill (Loxia pytyopsittacus) [Robert Foubister, Oct 2017].

Pygmy shrew seen in the woods.

Animals of Olav's Wood

Animals in the wood include

  • Orkney vole (Microtus arvalis orcadensis)
  • Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
  • Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)
  • Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) (Lee Johnson 2015)
  • Pygmy shrew (Sorex minutus)
  • Common frog (Rana temporaria).
  • There is evidence of otter (Lutra lutra) activity (spraints) in the woods (Andy Mitchell 2017).

Other animals may be present.

Photographs by Andy Mitchell of birds in the woods.

Curlew on nest.


Little Bunting.


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