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Research in Computing

My research interests lie in the mathematical analysis of computation, including the structure and development of computational systems, their logics and semantics, using mathematical techniques drawn from category theory, logic and topology.

Amongst the applications are system specification, system design methodologies, programming language semantics, functional programming, type theory, automated reasoning, logics of computation and the analysis of computational behaviour, and models of computation systems.

I am also involved in research in mathematical approaches to natural language semantics and applications to botany.


Here is a full and up-to-date publication list. Otherwise you may access my publications according to subject:

Runtime verification and specification mining

Logical and automata structures, and associated methodologies, to support runtime verification and specification mining. For details, see the Runtime Verification and Specification Mining webpage.

Evolutionary systems

Modelling and analysis of evolutionary computational systems. Details and publications may be found on the Evolution webpage.

Reactive and dynamic systems

We consider various forms of "reactivity" in computation and methods for their analysis. On the Reactive Systems webpage there are papers on the analysis of dynamic networks (modelled as concurrent systems) and on reactive grammars and automata.

Logics and semantics of computation

A list of papers on logics and semantics of computation is available on the Logics and Semantics Webpage.

Computational Category Theory

Computational Category Theory: The Computational Category Theory system implements constructions in category theory in the programming language Standard ML. To access a full description of this project and the programs, go to the project page.

Natural Language Processing and applications to botany

My interest in botanical subjects and natural language processing is evident in The Manchester Computational Flora Project.


The author's work in botanical fields can be found on the following websites.

1. Angiosperm Phylogeny Chart website

An Angiosperm Phylogeny Chart, depicting a recently developed molecular phylogeny of flowering plants, is available with accompanying material. A Chart of Fern Families is also available.

2. The linguistic analysis and processing of floras

The Manchester Computational Flora Project involves the analysis and processing of floras (descriptions of plants in a particular area and/or group). We have provided a semantic analysis of the terms used in floras, including those describing variation and those describing continuous quantities (e.g. colour, shape etc.), and have implemented computer tools for this analysis.

3. Olav's Wood

Olav's Wood is on the island of South Ronaldsay in Orkney, off the north coast of Scotland. The woodland has been developed over many years and is now a haven for wildlife as well as an interesting horicultural exercise, with trees and shrubs from many parts of the world growing here. The website describes the varied woodland and also contains descriptions of the plants, animals and birds of the woodland.

Contacting me

  • Address: School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL United Kingdom.
  • e-mail: david.rydeheard @ manchester.ac.uk
  • Telephone: +44 161 275 6164

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