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e-Fungi is a joint research project between the School of Computer Science and the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester and the Departments of Computer Science and Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter


As part of the e-Fungi project a data warehouse is being developed that integrates data from multiple fungal genomes in a way that facilitates the systematic comparative study of those genomes. Less well understood species can be studied with reference to model organisms with more fully explored functional characteristics.

To support comparative functional genomics a library of bioinformatics queries is provided. These analyses that use of the warehouse, and can be combined in different ways to conduct studies of pathogenicity and evolution.

Accessing the database:

The database can be accessed via a web interface or via web services:

Using the web interface, the data in the warehouse can be accessed using either of the following methods:

  • Browse: provides an entry point to the database allowing the user to browse and explore the data by following the links provided.
  • Simple Search: provides access to the analysis library.
  • Advanced Search: enables the filtering of data.

For further information on each of those access methods please refer to the documentation, which provides more detailed introduction of how to access the database. A list of all the queries currently provided can be found in the documentation of the Simple Search.

For the majority of simple searches, web services are also provided. The WSDL can be found here: WSDL. For documentation of the web services, please refer to the documentation of the simple searches.

Current release

The current release provides integrated access to genomic and functional data of 34 fungal genomes and 2 oomycetes. The analysis library for comparative genomics provided consists of a number of queries that can be parameterised by the user. The queries are organised in different groups according to their scope and the data analysed. The groups of queries include EST analysis, Mcl and OrthoMcl Cluster analysis, Essential yeast genes cluster analysis, Transcript abundance, Cellular localisation analysis and Secretome analysis.

A list of the genomes in the database can be found under Database. More information about accessing the database and using the analysis library can be found in the documentation.

Next release

The next database release is planned for the end of 2007.

e-Fungi has been funded by the BBSRC Bioinformatics and E-science Programme II