The Manchester Go Club

This is the home page of the Manchester Go Club. We exist to play and promote the game of Go, the ancient board game from the Far East known also as weiqi (Chinese) or baduk (in Korean).

We usually meet regularly on Thursday evenings from 7:45 pm. in The Shakespeare, in Fountain Street (M2 2AA). Attendance is usually around 8. Players range from complete beginners up to 1 dan in strength. All with an interest in Go are very welcome to come, without the slightest obligation. Learn the game from us, or try your ability against an experienced player.

To find out more about the club contact Chris Kirkham on 0161-903-9023 or at Here is a link to a YouTube video of some of the members at the club, made by Mrs Yuko Howes.

At present there is no membership fee, but members are encouraged to join the British Go Association to which the Manchester Go Club is affiliated. Go equipment and books may be obtained online from Pentangle Puzzles and Games, which offers a discount to BGA members.

The nearest Go clubs to Manchester are those at Chester and Bradford. For current details of these and others, click to see a national map and classified listings.

The club organises an annual tournament, the "Northern", at the start of September. This year (2015) was on September 6th in central Manchester and a report on the tournament and link to the results are here. See tournament listings for other BGA tournaments.

For links to more Go pages, including an introduction to the game, see the BGA Home Page
Chris's home page has links to an old-photo!

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