I have finished my PhD in 2015, in the Software Systems Group, within the School of Computer Science of the University of Manchester. My main research area was automated requirements analysis.

The title of my thesis is: "Automatic Construction of Conceptual Models to Support Early Stages of Software Development - A Semantic Model Approach". In a nutshell, I created a set of atomic semantic models that are assembled on top of syntactic sentence structures, which allow machines to understand context. Much like atoms in the physical world, these atomic semantic models can combine in an infinite amount of possibilities, which give rise to complex semantic networks that can be used to represent knowledge and understood by machines.

I have since then founded Exgence Limited together with Dr. Keletso Joel Letsholo, and my supervisor Dr. Liping Zhao.

My co-supervisors were Prof. John Keane and Dr. Goran Nenadic.

I have completed a BSc in Computer Science from The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in Bucharest, Romania, followed by an MSc in Advanced Computer Science and IT Management in the School of Computer Science and Manchester Business School in Manchester.

I was the receiver of an EPSRC EU Doctoral Training Award and a Kilburn Award from the School in order to conduct my research.

This is my DBLP page.

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